1. How do Install Hungry Birds?

We send you a link and you download a file (it is about 300MB). When you click on the downloaded file, it will lead you through a short install and place the Hungry Birds symbol on the Start Menu (for Windows). That’s it.


2. How do I run the game?

When you first start the game (by double clicking on the symbol), an option page is displayed. Once you select the options for your installation, the game runs by itself until you hit escape (which closes the game and hands you back to the main Windows screen), or shut down the PC.

The game is meant to play unattended, 24×7. Once you start the game, you do not have to do anything. The game itself is self-explanatory. When a player (or players) finish the game, it simply goes back to it’s initial splash screen and is ready for the next player(s). If the game is abandoned by a player, it will go back to the initial screen after 2 minutes.


3. What if the game stops of freezes?

This eventuality has yet to show up in testing, but if the game “freezes” for some reason and will not resume (more likely a PC or network issue than a game issue), try ESC,  or simply turn off the PC, re-boot, and re-start the game.


4. Do you recommend specific hardware?

We recommend several hardware set-ups (see Hardware, all ADA compliant), but the game can run on any setup that meets the stated minimum requirements (see #8 below). It can even run on a non-touchscreen using a mouse, but the game is not as fun and obviously only one player can play at a time.


5. Can I wipe down/clean the screen?

Yes. You should wipe down the screen when it needs it (in high traffic situations it might be advisable to wipe it down at the end of each day or even more often in the winter). We recommend Windex Wipes.


6. Are there minimum hardware requirements?

Yes. Hungry Birds is a sophisticated 3D software game and can only run properly if supported by the right hardware and operating system.

Minimum Requirements

OS:               Windows 8.1

Display:        Multitouch display that supports at least 4 touch points simultaneously;

Processor:    Intel i5 or equivalent.



Graphics:      Dedicated graphics card with 1GB of memory;